Thursday, 03 January 2019 21:25

Manga and Gunpla

Mutiny has a great selection of manga titles, including Sword Art Online, and Dragon Ball Z. We are constantly improving our selection of Gundam plastic model kits! Offering a diverse selection of new and old kits, we are building a fun and safe Gunpla community here at Mutiny and our goal is to be the #1 shop for Gundam models in Denver. Catch us at our FREE monthy build meetup, the last Wednesday of every month at 5pm. All are welcome, bring your own kit or buy one from us at 10% off during the build! Want a specific kit? Ask us if it's available on our next order form!

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Pt. 2 of the interview with Asian-American comics creators, Lonnie MF Allen, Saro Hang, and Oi Bob Parks.

3 Asian-American comics creators discuss what it’s like to be constantly mistaken for each other, what they hate about Sixteen Candles