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MUTINY Information Cafe
The mission is to create a place that people can shop for gently used books, comics, records, enjoy well made coffee, espressos, teas, sodas, and fresh made snacks and deserts, in an environment that stimulates the mind as well as the senses. This establishment will be the formation of an environment that will bring people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a common forum. Offering great coffee at a reasonable price, a large diverse selection of used/new books, records and comics, and access to the shop’s resources and connections.

Mutiny has a super crew of baristas, mixing mochas, steaming up cappuccinos, and making matcha. Try our delicious Thai iced tea, or fabulous Italian sodas. If you need that extra pep in your step, catch one of our cold brews for atomic level pick-me-up.

Our comic book shop is loaded with new weekly comics and hordes of back issues with new and old to choose from. We have a ever changing bundle of classic key issues, from Marvel , DC, Image and an occasional "Dopin' Dan" or a Heavy Metal magazine. Mutiny has also been growing our selection of Manga books and Gunpla kits. Watch our Mutiny Comics on Instagram account for updates on our newest selection of graphic novels, auction items, and surprise sales. Mutiny Comics offers free subscription pull lists, storage boxes, and pressing services.

Mutiny's location is home to one of Denver's oldest used bookstores. It has been home to Bill Good's "A Better Book Buyer" store. Then it was "Icabad's Books and Mrs. Crane's Coffee." Most recently it was Jack Jensen's "MUTINY Now", from which we swiped the name and legacy, in February of 2013.

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2 S Broadway
Denver,Co 80209
9am to 9pm, Sunday through Thursday
9am to 10pm, Friday & Saturday
Pinball, Photo Booth & Cereal Bar
In-Store Seating Available

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Comic Shop, Mutiny Comics

We do not have a phone, so we will not answer it. Email us, or contact us via social media.