The Belcher, A Novel by Luke Schmaltz, Plus Soothsayer Blend Coffee

A long-brewing clash between a Mile-High music legend and an aggressive government censor has come to a head, as Pablo Vasquez -- aka The Soothsayer -- must contend with the diabolical Blatherskite and his minions. To bolster his crusade, Vasquez recruits Earl Danners -- a prolific beer drinker with a burgeoning talent for belching forth sonic blasts of guttural decimation.

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A reluctant hero, Earl must quickly grow into his role of The Belcher as advancing forces of evil threaten to stomp out every iteration of artistic expression and rip apart the very essence of life itself The Soothsayer and The Belcher encounter other outcasts and biological super freaks, and form a rag-tag team of vigilantes with Knockers, Red-eye Robinson, The Whine-o and an alluring femme fatale named Cricket.

Together, they align against Blatherskite, the ranks of the Environmental Agency of Restrictions (EAR), the Army National Guard and a sinister, stench-spewing super villain known as The Gasser. The standoff escalates into an urban war, and the face of downtown Denver will never again be the same ... "

This was an online event, and we introduced a new coffee blend in honor of the book release. SOOTHSAYER Special Belcher Blend.

The Soothsayer Special Belcher Blend is sourced from two different regions of Guatemala. Roasted on 3 different curves with different development times to bring out all of the subtle nuances, and make the most smooth and balanced Guatemalan coffee you could ask for.

Sourced from Union Cantinil co-operative, and farm-direct from El Regalito. Boasting a cup profile of Chocolate, Black Cherry, Caramel, Concorde grape, and Granny Smith Apple.

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